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Network Membership Terms and Conditions, and Code of Conduct

By registering as a FAILSAFE member, you accept these terms and conditions and agree to act in accordance with them. If you have any concerns about these terms and conditions, please contact the FAILSAFE Admin Team before completing your registration. 

1. Membership 

1.1. Your membership application will be reviewed by the FAILSAFE Admin Team within 2 weeks of receipt and the outcome communicated via e-mail to the address provided in your application form.  

1.2. It is the individual member’s responsibility to ensure their information is up to date and to inform the FAILSAFE Admin Team of any changes.  

1.3. You can terminate your FAILSAFE membership at any time by contacting the FAILSAFE Admin Team

1.4. If the email address you provide during the registration process becomes invalid and emails sent to you by the FAILSAFE Admin Team result in a Delivery Notification Status (failure) response, your membership will be considered to have lapsed and your details will be deleted from the directory of members.  

1.5. In choosing to submit your personal data, you understand and agree that these data will be:  

1.5.1. Collected for the purpose of furthering the FAILSAFE aims.  

1.5.2. Processed in accordance with data protection law in the UK. You can find out more information on how we use your personal data by reading our privacy notice.  

1.5.3. Included in our Members’ Directory. 

1.5.4. Listed on the FAILSAFE website. Data to be published will include title, name, institution and country.  

1.6. FAILSAFE membership is a prerequisite to applying for funding and/or attending network events.  

 2. Member’s conduct 

2.1. Members of FAILSAFE are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the general principles of good research practices, having:  

2.1.1. Reliability in ensuring the quality of research, reflected in the design, the methodology, the analysis and the use of resources  

2.1.2. Honesty in developing, undertaking, reviewing, reporting and communicating research in a transparent, fair, full and unbiased way  

2.1.3. Respect for colleagues, research participants, society, ecosystems, cultural heritage and the environment  

2.1.4. Accountability for the research from idea to publication, for its management and organisation, for training, supervision and mentoring, and for its wider impacts  

2.2. Members agree to treat all other FAILSAFE members, no matter their level of seniority, with respect and courtesy.  

2.3. Membership of FAILSAFE is with a view to furthering the aims and vision of the FAILSAFE Network. You do not have permission to use contact details obtained from the members’ directory to send unsolicited emails for the purpose of direct marketing.  

2.4. Members may have access to unpublished data at FAILSAFE events. As a member you agree to respect the confidentiality of these data at all times. Information made available to members at FAILSAFE events should be treated as confidential and must not be disseminated unless already in the public domain.  

2.5. In the event that you provide content for the website, such content will not be used for the transmission, uploading or posting of any computer viruses or any other harmful or deleterious files or programs.  

2.6. All partners in any research collaboration formed through FAILSAFE will ensure all partners in the collaboration are properly informed and consulted about all submissions for publication of research results.  

 3. Attending Network Events 

3.1. As a Network member you will have the right to apply to attend Network workshops and events. In becoming a member you understand and agree that:  

3.2. Submission of an application to attend an event does not constitute confirmation that a place has been awarded to you.  

3.3. In the event that you are successful in your application to attend a Network event, you will receive a confirmatory email upon the award of your place followed by full attendance details which will be made available to you prior to the event.  

3.4. FAILSAFE will not be held liable for any costs incurred by you.  

 4. The FAILSAFE Website 

4.1. Any content by a third party published or displayed on the website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. The responsibility for this content lays with the third party and the use of this content is at your own risk.

5. Updates to terms and conditions 

5.1. We will post a notification of any changes to the terms and conditions of membership on the FAILSAFE website and notify you by email. You will have the option to terminate your membership if you do not agree with future changes to terms and conditions.