FAILSAFE Fungal Antimicrobial Resistance Innovations for Low & Middle Income Countries: Solutions & Access For Everyone

Centre for Medical Mycology

The FAILSAFE project is part of an ambitious programme of activity held within the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, based at the University of Exeter. Fungal infections are alarmingly understudied, yet kill over 1.5 million people every year. See a brief video about the threat here.

The MRC Centre for Medical Mycology has a mission to deliver cutting-edge research in fungal pathogenesis, host immunity and disease phenotypes, enabling advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases. The MRC Centre aims to:

  1. Promote innovative interdisciplinary research that tackles the major challenges facing the field (including antifungal drug resistance and infectious co-morbidities)
  2. Increase capacity in medical mycology in the UK and globally, by delivering a strong cohort of basic and clinical researchers in via top training programmes focussed at different stages of career development
  3. Support global efforts to tackle devastating fungal infections, by establishing and strengthening research and training Units in low and middle income regions of the world
  4. Promote medical mycology and the activities of the Centre through engagement that seeks to inspire future medical mycologists and to challenge and change public perceptions of fungal disease

The MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Exeter is the first of it’s kind, and since it’s formation in 2016, the Centre has since developed a further CMM unit in Africa – please see here for further details. A third CMM unit in South America is due to officially launch in 2024, and a fourth CMM unit in Asia is also planned.

Please see the MRC CMM website here for more details on activities and opportunities within the Centre.