FAILSAFE Fungal Antimicrobial Resistance Innovations for Low & Middle Income Countries: Solutions & Access For Everyone

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The FAILSAFE Network seeks to facilitate and enhance global research and development (R&D) aimed at reducing the threat of anti-fungal resistance for the benefit of people in LMICs. We welcome members from all backgrounds that have skills and experience in microbial pathogenesis, biomarkers and diagnostics, innovative solutions and commercialisation, industry and product development, and other themes relating to the core GAMRIF objectives:

– to develop innovative One Health solutions to tackle AFR

– increase availability of context-specific, accessible and affordable innovations for LMICs;

– establish international research partnerships with industry, academia and governments;

– collaborate with and leverage additional funding from other global donors.

Membership of the network is free, and benefits of joining include:

  • Showcase of your profile page within the members’ directory to encourage connections and collaborations.
  • E-newsletters to update network members about news and opportunities.
  • Priority invitations to events and training engagements (on and offline), with potential subsidies for registrations.
  • Eligibility to apply for FAILSAFE project funds.

Before joining the Network, please visit and read our Network Membership Terms and Conditions, and Code of Conduct.

FAILSAFE Privacy Notice can be also found here.

Please join the Network by completing simple online membership application form (below). Decisions on applications will be communicated within two weeks of receipt.

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